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At Nordgreen, Black Friday is a bit of a grey area. For some people that long-awaited day indicates being able to get hold of something they’ve been longing to have. For others, that’s the brightest day of the year - that’s when we are able to offer them the most support through our charity missions. Explore the offers on our collections and make sure to choose well, do good and make it last.

Discover the Pioneer

Discover our Red Dot Design Winner - the Pioneer. A modern and highly functional chronograph watch, praised for its minimalist design. Create yours today.

Discover the Philosopher

Discover our iF Design Award Winner - the Philosopher. Minimalist, yet elegantly functional, the Philosopher will uplift any look.

Discover the Native

Simple, yet sophisticated, our Native piece is a light and modern everyday timepiece that will complement any outfit.

Discover the Most Popular Timepieces

Discover our best-selling models at the best prices possible. Elevate your look with a statement watch that will never go out of style.

Black Friday Watches from Nordgreen: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking forward to the Black Friday deals? So are we!

This is one time of the year when you can be sure to get the best prices and discounts on products in your carts and sights for a long time.

If you are putting together your shopping list already, do a once-over to see if you added watches to the list.

Yes? Good choice – but let’s show you why that is an even more interesting choice and the deals to key into on that day.

No? Oops! Never mind, we’ll show you why you should enjoy these watch deals.

But, before then…

Is Black Friday a good time to buy watches?

Black Friday is a good time to get anything you want at incredible prices – and from the top brands that you like too.

However, it is not all rosy with all products with these Black Friday price cuts, and watches are not left out of it.

For one, if a Black Friday sale sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You cannot see a watch that normally retails for $500, for example, selling for $100 on Black Friday, and not think that something is off.

On the one hand, this fake sale might be run by a scammer looking to take your money at such a low price and not ship anything to you.

Likewise, the watch might be from a shady brand that artificially hyped up the price tags so that you can purchase it at a new low price, which is supposed to be the right price anyway.

This is one of the reasons why your best buy will always come from the brands that have some reputation.

At Nordgreen, for example, we offer up to 30% off of any watch or watch bundle that you are looking to buy. These discounts will be subject to the availability of the model so you should click to buy early enough, but we will never hike the price.

Before that day, make sure to have checked out some of our men’s watch series and the range of women’s watches that we carry. Look through the reviews we have on the website, or ask about us from your favorite watch retailer and stores, to understand the quality of watches that we ship to you at an almost steal.

Are Black Friday deals available online?

Some brands choose to keep their Black Friday sales and deals to their brick-and-mortar stores alone. At Nordgreen, we give you the added comfort of shopping for your preferred watches from our shop or visit the site.

Get onto the site during our Black Friday promotion and pick any of the watches, straps, or watch bundles that we have on offer.

Besides Black Friday deals, we also offer bundle packages, ship gifts with some orders, and offer discounts on some products in the store. That way, we help you save more on our minimalistic, stylish, and luxury watches that you'd want to wear every time.

What to expect from Nordgreen’s Black Friday deal

All the watches that we carry in our store – both for the classic men and ladies that love our models – will be available for our Black Friday deals.

Please note that one of the ways we help you to save is by maintaining a small inventory and line of watches. Thus, the deals are only as valid as the stock lasts.

This is not a move to drive sales or make you FOMO. If we could, we would make more models available to cater to all the orders that we are getting.

If you miss the Black Friday deals day, you can always look for another sale that we might run. Search through the site to see if we are running any promotions when you are finally ready to buy, and you could also get a better price on your purchases.

No promises, though.

The Men’s Line-Up

Explore the men’s watch page to find Pioneer chronograph watches, the simple Native watch, or the well-balanced Philosopher watch.

Customize these watches with leather, stainless steel, nylon, or rubber straps, depending on what catches your fancy.

We are big on colors, so we allow you to choose what best resonates with them.

For example, you can get the watch frame in any of rose gold/ gold, gunmetal grey, or silver finishes. The straps are not left out either. For the best price savings, pick up a bundle that reduces your purchase costs even further.

The Women’s Range

While Nordgreen women also share the Native watch experience, they enjoy exclusives such as the Unika watch, an Infinity watch, and the Philosopher build also.

Like the men’s, the ladies also get to customize the watches to their taste. We make all of those options available during the Black Friday watch sale so you have all the room to choose something that you truly love.

Finish that with your ideal choice of straps, and you are good to go.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, you’d love what we bring to the table for you.

Shop the Best Watches at Discounted Prices

You can have one of the best Black Friday experiences ever with us, as long as you don’t miss the date.

All our shops, as well as our website, will partake in the sale to allow you to cop your preferred watches from anywhere in the world. For you, we are working on increasing the stock so that we don’t run out of your preferred watch models, design and customization picks on that day.

All you have to do now is wait for the news to break from us – and you’ll be in for a fine ride.

Watch this space, all pun intended!

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